You’ve heard the story told so many times. One is born into and poor family and works extremely hard, overcomes obstacles, follows his or her dream and gets rich. It is the classic American Dream. However, is that really what they are looking for?

Unfortunately, the findings from many studies indicate that the rags-to-riches story might belong within the fiction aisle in a library for the bulk of poor Americans. Studies of families between 1968 to the current, reveals that about 75 of kids born into a low income home are affected by even more shocking statistic studies. The analysis additionally points out a racial inequality within the country. Almost twice as minorities are affected opposed to that of the majority ethnic group

These findings are seriously disturbing; however there are things that can be done to help balance a person’s overall financial state. Earning a college degree decreases the probability that one would continue to fall in that statistic long-term.

There is another vital piece of the so called American-dream equation that is left out. People are linking the American-dream with being happy. This simply is not true. Just ask the people who have what one would classify as the American-dream. People would sacrifice family and friends to gain there version of the American-dream. Think about this: people even decide to kill someone just to gain their American-dream.  We all must ask ourselves this question.  What does poor get rich really mean to us?

The best way to answer this question is to find out what you are really looking for in life.  What are your goals, dreams and aspirations?  Once you answer this question you will define your American-dream. Money is a tool used to share our life with others, it is not just for us to live and die with so much money.  Houdmann (2014), ” For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs” (1 Timothy 6:10). Now this verse is often misquoted as saying, “Money is the root of all evil.” (para. 1).

Here are questions concerning getting rich that a lot of people wrestle with.

Will the poor get rich?

Can the poor be rich already?

Does it take money to be rich?

What does being rich mean to you?

How can you become rich?

Why is being rich so important to you?

Can you be rich and still be poor?

Is it evil to be rich?

Is it wrong to want to be financially rich?

How can you be rich without money?

Why is it hard to get rich financially?

Does the American Dream apply to the poor?

Does giving to the poor help them or hurt them?

Does education to earn money more beneficial than giving them money?



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