!!Warning Viewer Discretion Advised!! This video contains graphic images that are difficult to see and may be offensive to some. Please click more info here to see how you can help.

I made this video for my Nutrition Class project on poverty, I’ll let it speak for itself.

Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger; 3/4 of the deaths are children under 5. That is the opening line of The Hunger Site, which is truly a unique idea. One click of a button, and you deliver 1-3 cups of food to hungry people all over the country, free of charge.

The Hunger Site is strictly nonprofit. When you click that button, you come to a page with 4-12 sponsors–each sponsor donates 1/4 cup of food. 100% of what the sponsors pay goes directly to the United Nations World Food Program.

While you may not be giving very much each day, you can visit The Hunger Site every day to give more food. Visit every day, and you can be donating around 750 cups of food the hungry a year.

I have made it part of my schedule to visit The Hunger Site (and the others listed below) first thing whenever I get online. It’s easy and quick. Sure, it might not be that much food, but it helps nonetheless and imagine how much food we can all give if we do this together. We can all make a huge difference together.

Another way to help is to volunteer at local soup kitchens, shelters, participate in food drives and donate old clothes, blankets, etc., to those in need.

Many First Nations Native American Indians still live in extreme poverty like the conditions seen in this video, right here in this country, unseen, out of sight and mind. They must not be forgotten.

One more way to make an impact is to continue to Vote for people who care about issues like these. Don’t forget to get out and Rock The VOTE! ~Peace!~






This video is made for educational purposes only and does not violate copyright laws, it is allowed for fair use under US law.

Thank You Shawn Peterson (my teacher) for the inspiration.

Duration : 0:4:13

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